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About us

Our story

Now celebrating over 20 years of serving retailers nationwide, Eagle Tissue was founded in 1996 as a national converter of retail and industrial wrapping tissue.  Since its beginning Eagle has established a reputation as a reliable source of stock and custom wrapping tissue and custom printed wrapping tissue.  Our products are primarily sold to the retail packaging industry through retail packaging distributors and directly to national retail chains.

From the beginning we have taken the approach that we cannot be all things to all customers.  Competing manufacturers do a very good job of having large and varied lines of colors, stock prints, folds, creped tissues, and even paper gift wrap and plastic packaging; however, we positioned our company to concentrate on #1 ream packs and custom printed tissue and #2 packing tissue.  This has allowed us to minimize our overhead.  The combination of overhead reduction and a unique converting process allows us to be extremely cost effective and, thus, very price competitive.

Expanded production capacity since our opening has ensured our ability to service our existing customer base and has provided us with room for growth.  In addition, our ability to run long and short runs of custom prints offers our customers one of the few alternatives in the market.  This is particularly true of our ability to ship custom printed orders in 4-6 weeks on a regular basis

We concentrate only on wrapping tissue products, converting 100% of what we sell.

Our Mission

  • To be honest in all our business dealings.
  • To consistently deliver a quality product on a timely basis at a competitive price
  • To concentrate on our strengths – Producing and delivering on time plain and custom-printed #1 wrapping tissue and plain #2 packing tissue
  • To continue to cultivate long-term business partnerships with our customers and vendors
  • To treat our associates with respect and maintain a safe and enjoyable work environment

Vendor Relationships

Not owning our own tissue mill allows us to shop among the major tissue mills for a consistent supply of jumbo rolls of white and colored tissue.  We have become important customers to these mills and have developed strong relationships built on mutual trust.  We value our long-standing relationships with our Mill partners and continue to grow our business with them.  Since we believe a consistent product is essential to our customers and to maintaining our credibility in the marketplace, we are not a player in the “spot” market nor do we buy job lot, side runs or otherwise questionable raw material.

Customer Base

The majority of our product is sold through retail and industrial packaging distributors.  Even those national retailers that source their own supplies use distributors to inventory and deliver our products.  Our goal is to continue to expand our distributor base by consistently meeting the needs of our customers.  Our performance over the past twenty years has proven we are capable of supplying a consistent product at a competitive price.

The importance of the customer to EAGLE TISSUE, LLC is paramount.  We are not looking for orders.  We are looking for partners.  We want to develop relationships that work for both EAGLE TISSUE and the customer.


Converting equipment is in place to more than handle our current and future demands.  We believe we have the most efficient printing and converting operation in North America.  Our focus is on offering the most competitive pricing on one and two-color prints in all quantities.

Product Line

Our product line consists of #1 white 10# basis weight stock tissue  in the most common sizes and #2 white and pink 15# basis weight packing tissue (100% recycled) in several sizes.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  Most stock orders are shipped within 2 days of receiving an order.

Our base stock for custom-printed tissue is a 10# basis weight white, kraft black or ivory tissue.  As indicated already, our greatest strength is in one and two-color printing.  We will do as small as 350 pounds of custom printing and have the production capacity to handle multiple truckload orders as well.  You will find our pricing more than competitive on any size order. Call us for samples of any printed product.

While not available on smaller orders, we do offer custom colors for printing upon request.  Minimums on custom colors can be as low as 6000 pounds per color.

#1 White Tissue

75% post consumer content

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#2 Packing Tissue

100% recycled material

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Custom Printed Tissue

Two color printing available

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Let's work together

Our main goal is to be the supplier of choice for those distributors requiring a reliable plain and custom-printed tissue supplier.  We are very proud that our accomplishments have enabled EAGLE TISSUE, LLC to offer our customers value, service and peace of mind when it comes to their tissue requirements.

If having a supply partner who will consistently deliver these benefits is attractive to your company please contact us via e-mail at bob [ at ] or at 1-888-TISSUE 4 U (1-888-847-7834)

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